Aurora Photo

Conditions for Pre-Viewing and Sales

Time Limits:

1. Photographic pictures received for pre-view only, shall normally be returned not later than 2 months from date of dispatch stated on the transmittal form received from Aurora Photo.

2. The number or title of the picture selected for reproduction, shall be confirmed to Aurora Photo latest 2 months from date of dispatch stated on the transmittal form received from Aurora photo. The pictures selected for reproduction shall be returned forthwith after reproduction in the same condition as received, normally 4 months from date of despatch stated on the transmittal form received from Aurora Photo. Copying or digitising and storing of our pictures are only allowed if specifically agreed with Aurora Photo.

3. Should the above time limits be exceeded, 10% of the base-price per picture will be charged for each commencing month as a "holding fee" unless agreed otherwise. Should the above time limits be exceeded, Aurora Photo reserves the right to reduce or cancel any discount agreements.

Responsibilities and Rights:

4. Photographs on loan are under the liability of the user during the period from date of receipt until date of return [returned in good condition to Aurora Photo, (registered mail or package postage via the public postal services)].

5. Lost or damaged transparencies or other original photo material shall be compensated for with a minimum charge of 2.500 DKK each (aerial photographs with + 50%). Lost or damaged transparency frames shall be compensated for with 100 DKK each.

6. Original material remains the sole property of the photographer.

7. Photographs shall only be used for the sole purpose for which they have been purchased for.

8. Use of the photographs are at the purchasers/users liability, hereunder publicising of photographs of individuals. Generally photographs from Aurora Photo are not modelling photographs. The purchaser/user bears full responsibility for descriptions and/or text that may be erroneous or derogatory in connection with publicising. When using photographs where also work from other authors are incorporated, the user of the photograph will be solely responsible for any possible economic demands that could be raised by these original authors.

9. Aurora Photo cannot be held liable for loss or damages emanating from the use of photographs which by mistake have been wrongly numbered or labelled or are in technically poor condition.

10. On publicising Aurora Photos all the photographs shall be identified with "photographers name/Aurora Photo " unless agreed otherwise with Aurora Photo, as well as it shall be clearly stated which of the photographers have taken which of the pictures.

11. The purchaser shall during purchasing precisely indicate, for which purpose each of the photographs will be used ( for example by referring to the serial number, label or title of the photograph).

12. The purchaser is requested as far as possible to submit free of charge 2 copies of the material in which the photographs have been reproduced.

13. In case of questions concerning the content of these "Conditions for Pre-view and Sales", please feel free to contact Aurora Photo.